Beer & food

Beer and food


English Barley Wine 12%

Taking inspiration from the legendary Allsopp’s Arctic Ale, a steadfast item on British Arctic and Antarctic expeditions in the late 1800s, we now offer our very own extra strong Arctic Ale. The simple malt extract based process is long and intense. Both the high alcohol content and the residual sweetness enable this ale to survive well below zero without freezing. Our expedition ale will mature over many years in a cool, dark cellar, gradually developing tones of nut, fig, prune, and port wine. Ideal on cold winter evenings and a splendid pair with strong cheese.


Doppelbock 9,5%

Our Vårbukk is an extra strong bock beer. The dark copper hue complements a moderate body, resulting in a highly drinkable brew despite its 9.5% alcohol content. Spring Bock lager is stored cool in a steel tank for two months prior to bottling to produce the extra smooth maltiness. Recommended for lamb dishes, or a source of inner warmth on chilly evenings.

Ekstra god bitter

Pale Ale 5%

Med litt høgare alkoholinnhald enn den vanlege utgåva, får du litt meir smakskraft og fylde. Maltsamansetninga er Maris Otter Pale Ale og lys krystallmalt. Humlinga er gjort med Target, Fuggles, East Kent Goldings og Amarillo. Den fyrste dosen med humle går i vørterpanna når det står igjen ein halvtime av kokinga, og så blir det tilsett humle fram til kokinga er over. Passar til lyst kjøtt, pizza, pasta og krydra mat.


Baltisk porter 7%

Fennoskandia er eit område i det nordvestre hjørnet av Europa. Geologisk fell det saman med det baltiske skjold. Vi har bryggja ein baltisk porter for å heidre våre systre og brør i nabolanda. I Sverige og Finland har dei rike tradisjonar med undergjæra porterøl og vi vil med Fennoskandia slå eit slag for denne ølstilen. Mørk, fyldig og lett søtleg maltsmak, som balanserer perfekt den milde røsta smaken. Dette ølet er eit fint koseøl, eller det kan nytast til kaker og dessertar.


English IPA 6,5%

Our Eastertime Påske Øl has its roots in the original India Pale Ale created in England in the 1800s. As the name suggests, it is pale with a light malt body and generous helpings of English hops. The hoppiness is different here than in most modern IPAs since it uses English – not American – hops. Kinn Påske Øl has a pale, cloudy appearance and is delicately hoppy. Relatively high bitterness is combined with many floral, citric and marzipan nuances from the hop gardens of Kent. Only available for Easter.


Lyst lagerøl

Kvar haust er oktoberfesten det store høgdepunktet i Bayern. Oktoberfestølet er eit lyst lagerøl, som er litt sterkare enn vanleg. Det vert tradisjonelt bryggja nokre månader før festen for å få rett modning. Vårt oktoberfestøl er gjære i opne kar, og har fått gode dosar med tysk edelhumle og lang lagringstid på tank før flasking. Drikk Oktoberfest til lettare matrettar som laks, aure og salatar eller berre som eit glas åleine, helst i stor seidel.


Belgisk dubbel

Haust er eit svært godt matøl til haustlege matvarer som viltkjøt og sopp. Til dette ølet har vi brukt berre norsk malt: Pilsner malt frå Jæren Korn og Malt og vår eigenutvikla Special Kinn frå Bonsak Gårdsmalteri i Nord-Trøndelag. For å få rette smaken og fylden har vi også brukt mørk kandissirup og cassonadesirup.


American Pale Ale 5.5%

Our Sommarøl is a pale and refreshing seasonal favourite that takes its inspiration from American Pale Ale. A bright summer ale, it is dominated by hops and delightfully refreshing. Ideal by itself or at the barbeque. Available from May – August.


Wild beer with Brettanomyces 6,5%

Freshly bottled, Alvor (Serious) is a lively, top-fermented, classic Belgian Trappist. But as the wild yeast propagates, other notes come increasingly into prominence. Allow the bottles to mature in the basement for a year or so, and you will understand what we mean. Have a bottle on hand as you “get serious” with Norwegian fermented “rakfisk”, cured leg of mutton, or goats-milk chèvre.


Scotch ale 6,5%

Our green-label Julefred is a perfect accompaniment to traditional Western Norway Christmas fare. The style is a top-fermented Scottish beer, with the sweetness of malt and the flavours of caramel, nuts, chocolate and a touch of coffee. Moderate hoppiness is ideal for cured mutton ribs, but also pork ribs are an option, or simply enjoy as a drink. Hopefully Julefred will deliver Yuletide Peace as the name suggests.


French Farmhouse Ale 7,5%

Often in Norway the Christmas dinner features fish or fowl. Solsnu is a beer designed specifically for these Winter Solstice dishes. The style builds on the bière de garde, or “beer for keeping” favoured by French farmers. Its characteristic slight fruitiness from the yeasting process melds with a moderate, yet noble, hoppiness and robust malt body. Traditional Christmas beers tend to be ideal for meat dishes, and to make up for this we introduced Solsnu before Christmas 2014 as a lighter, deep midwinter alternative for fish and poultry lovers.


Scottish Beer 4,5%

Your traditional dark, malt-rich Christmas ale may simply overpower a light, delicate holiday dish like cod, lutefisk or its fermented cousin: rakfisk. Instead, we have created our strong, pale, winter solstice ale: Solsnu 4.5%. Very much in the French farmhouse tradition, this “beer for keeping” (bière de garde), is characterised by a mild fruitiness from the fermentation process, a moderate, but noble note of hops, and a clear malt body. A pale, refreshing ale that works well even by itself without food.


French Farmhouse Ale 7,5%

Your traditional dark, malt-rich Christmas ale may simply overpower a light, delicate holiday dish like cod, lutefisk or its fermented cousin: rakfisk. Instead, we have created our strong, pale, winter solstice ale: Solsnu 4.5%. Very much in the French farmhouse tradition, this “beer for keeping” (bière de garde), is characterised by a mild fruitiness from the fermentation process, a moderate, but noble note of hops, and a clear malt body. A pale, refreshing ale that works well even by itself without food.


Christmas Stout 8%

In this season of good cheer, we love to compose a seasonal ale designed for pure enjoyment, and our Stjernenatt perfectly sets the stage for a wonderful fireside evening. This stout may be as dark as a winter’s night, but the subtle blend of spices warms and stirs the holiday spirit. Dark malts predominate, with a festive tint of liquorice, coriander, and star anise. Cuddle up in front of the fire at home, or bring a reindeer hide to a bonfire on a clear, starry night.


Belgian Quadrupel 10,5%

Among the most complex beers in the world are the strong, dark Belgian Quads. Our Feast of Thomas is brewed well before Christmas and allowed a generous period in which to mellow and mature. The well-rounded flavour that results emphasises nuttiness, dark, dried fruits, and a vinous character. The recipe may be rudimentary, but the ingredients are first class. Yet Tomasmesse is a highly complex beer, not least as the fermentation is allowed to reach 28 °C, and the product is cellared for an extended maturation phase. Tomasmesse is a joy by itself, with rich meat dishes, and with desserts such as cake or cloudberry cream.


Røykt lagerøl 6%

Røykt lagerøl frå Bamberg er mange bryggjarar sitt favorittøl og her er vår versjon av denne ølstilen. Koparfarga, maltrik og røykfull. Open gjæring, tysk edelhumle og lang, kald lagring på tank er nøkkelorda. Eld er først og fremst bryggja for å passe til røykt kjøt og fisk, men kan også drikkast åleine.


Belgian Saison 6,5%

In bygone days country roads might make a convenient turn into local farmsteads. But fences and gates to control livestock were an obstacle to traffic. For farm kids this offered a business proposition, opening the gate for a penny or two to allow horses and cars to pass. Our wonderful Gate Opener beer is an even better proposition. Light, dry and seasonal, this is a really fine mealtime choice, combining universal appeal with an uncanny ability to complement a range of edibles: Cheeses, fish, fowl, pork, lamb. Indeed, most dishes do better with this good, old-fashioned, classic Saison.


Export Stout 8,0%

Fritjof Nansen is a national idol we are most immensely proud of. Not only as an Arctic adventurer, but also as a humanitarian who massively helped refugees after the Great War. For this he received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1922. Our Nansen tribute is a dry, well-hopped stout, using a London recipe from about 1860. Generous sprinklings of brown malt, black malt and Fuggles hops create a unique fullness that really lasts.


English IPA 6%

True, the British Empire now mainly exists in the mists of history, but one memorable attribute of that vast enterprise is Kinn’s resplendent English IPA. A combination of light malt with a subtle blend of blackened malt and East Kent Golding hops are the key. This IPA is naturally fermented in the old-fashioned way, in open vats with English top yeast. Our Imperial IPA is a magnificent accompaniment for seafood, light meats and spicy dishes.


American Pale Ale 5,5%

It’s an easy matter to get caught up in our maelstrom of hoppiness, less easy to put it down. Kinn’s Malstraum is a refreshing, zesty, cloudy amber APA with a tropical, fruity, hoppy aroma and crisp white foam. Lightly malted, but with a touch of bitters for aftertaste and drinkability. We selected Zeus, Cascade, Chinook, Simcoe and Citra for our hop list. Though principally intended to stand alone, Malstraum pairs well with spicy fare and barbecue dishes.


American India Pale Ale 7,0%

Norway’s West Coast has lent its name to this very hoppy ale, historically designed to withstand the long passage to India. Accordingly, the fine, fruity nuances from the open fermentation are rather more difficult to discern. The malt mixture, incorporating Pale Ale malt and two varieties of caramel malt, are necessary to balance the power of the hops, which are added during the final half-hour of the boil to enhance the flavour and aroma. Once the primary fermentation has occurred, the ale spends nine days with dry hops in the tank, infused with Amarillo, Cascade, Simcoe and Zeus,, before being tapped into bottles and kegs for natural carbonation. Given that this India Pale Ale is brewed in Norway’s westernmost town, the designation West Coast IPA is most appropriate. The powerful imprint of hops is an ideal accompaniment to spicy dishes, and, surprisingly, also the perfect adjunct to cured ribs of mountain-grazed mutton. Vestkyst even excels with blue cheese and carrot cake.


Double IPA

Kinn Brottsjø – the aptly named “crashing wave” – is our double IPA containing no less than 8.5 % alcohol. Brewmasters strive to strike the right balance between maltiness and hoppiness in extra strong beers, so we rely on Belgian Trappist monks for the yeast and a generous helping of sugar to bring out the ideal blend of malty sweetness and alcohol. The hoppy punch derives from American Zeus, Citra, and Mosaic, with just a touch of Japanese Sorachi Ace. The resultant brew is fruity and spicy all at once. With such a powerful taste, this beer is best enjoyed by itself. Or you can combine with a platter of strong cheeses.


White India Pale Ale

Skoddehav – Mist – is our alternative “misty” IPA, lighter in colour than our regular brand. Normally IPAs use English or American indigenous yeasts, but Skoddehav uses our Belgian Trappist High Gravity variant. Its special feature is the dry ale that results, which nevertheless has a touch of sweetness. The recipe features Pilsner, wheat and oat malts. Hops are a blend of two aromatic varieties, Cascade and Citra. Skoddehav emerges as a pale, refreshing ale with light body, balanced yeast imprint and a strong, fresh hoppy aroma. An excellent choice for spicy Asian seafood dishes, chicken and pork.


Belgian Pale Ale

Kveldsbris – Evening Breeze – is offered as a clean, refreshing and not-too-alcoholic Belgian ale. It has a fine balance of Belgian yeastiness with the premier hop varieties from three wildly different districts: East Kent Goldings on England’s south coast, Saaz from Zatec in the Czech Republic, and Amarillo from Yakima Valley in the United States of America. Kveldsbris is a most versatile table ale that can cope with more spiciness and richness than a regular wheat beer.


Belgian Farmhouse Ale 6,0%

Our Slåtteøl Belgian Farmhouse Ale is a light, thirst-quenching, hay-making season favourite in the Belgian Saison tradition. Allowing Trappist yeast to run free to 26 °C, means an attenuated and spicy ale. It is very dry, almost acidic. We use Pilsner malt as the basis, adding small amounts of sour malt, wheat malt, caramel malt and Bayer malt. A hint of chocolate malt produces a deep golden colour. Northern Brewer bitter hops provide an edge, whilst East Kent Goldings impart a classic, balanced aroma with floral and spicy hints.